Our Babies are Growing Up! + “Im Baaaack” ( roc voice )

Okay so, I been sitting here watching the boys Keeks. Right? We done seen Prince and Ray Driving, Ray Bumpin and Boogie’n in the Car to YG, watching Love and Basketball wit his “favorite scene”, and still talking bout that Ray 2wice. Prod is Singing these Seductive Ass Songs. Lord knows what Roc doing.. Lmao Them Flirt Back Videos had me WEAAAAK too! And Prince is 17 this month, Hollaaa. ✌
—- But I’m back, Im Sorry I honestly haven’t really been on sense, Christmas Time Prolly. I’m Sorry Boo’s I been Missing Y’all. Ima come Baccck Tho. 👌

Uww, Lmao Ray is Too Ugggg 😂😂

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Df he doin with all them car fresheners. 😂😂😂

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Prince Creepin on Ray’s Keek. #tbt

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#tbt Noah’s Face after Prince Snatched his Paci. 😂😂😂

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I been M.I.A —-

Sorry I don’t never get on anymore! I’ve been busy in these hard, cruel months with VA bipolar ass weather. Ima come up out the darkness one of these days..

How come we never saw princeton's daddy? & Is His daddy black ?

Don’t nobody know, but him and his momma. I’m not 100, but I don’t think his daddy was even in his life.


Ray was loving those shoes.

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when tf did this happen tho

wrdd ^ *.*

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